My Weight Loss Story
In Oct 2006, I suffered a stroke. Actually, this apparently, was the first stroke of which I was aware.
When the test results came back, my Doctor said, the MRI showed that I had suffered from "dozens to a
100" mini strokes in the previous 6 months to a year.
This was due to degenerative metabolic disturbances. In the months that followed, I worked with my
family Doctor, to try to get control of my health, with only minimal success. I lived in fear of the next
stroke and wondered if this would be the "Big" one. Would it leave me paralyzed? Or brain-dead? I lived
everyday as if I were dying. It was just a matter of time...
In January of 2009, my brother called me from Alaska. He expressed his concern for my health and said
that he thought he had found something that would help. He had to call me three times to convince me...
but Thank God he was persistent!!!
I have lost 37 lbs and 48 inches. Went from 206 lbs to 169 lbs, from a size 22 to a comfortable 14, and
have Oodles of energy...
and let me tell you about my recent visit to my Doctor's office...
I had requested a series of blood test. Blood Sugar, thyroid, cholesterol (HDL & LDL) triglycerides,
potassium, calcium, blood counts, urine test... you name it, I had it tested...
I felt really GREAT! I wanted to know if what I was feeling was REAL, or just in my head.
When I went in a week later for the results, my Doctor turned to me, looked me right in the eye,
and rather loudly asked,
(That kind of scared me, and made me think that things were not as good as I had hoped.)
Actually, they were better... much better !!!
She was very excited when she told me that every single test result was in the "PERFECT" range.
Whoo-hoo !!!
She also cut the dosage of my medications in less than half. I never would have guessed that "Cleansing"
and "Great Nutrition"could make such a difference in my health.
Besides Isagenix, I have another passion. I am a breeder of American Cocker Spaniels.
I love to go to Dog Shows and present my dogs to the judges. Many times in the past, after running
around the ring a time or two, I would find myself really out of breath.
Earlier this spring, I showed four dogs and ran around the ring numerous times. It wasn't until that
evening, that I realize, I had done so without even once breathing heavy.
My very favorite musician of all time is John Denver. He wrote a song that describes how I now feel.
The words go like this...
I want to Live, I want to Grow... I want to See, I want to Know...
I want to share what I can give, I want to Be... I want to Live !!!

I no longer live in fear of my future... Today I Live FOR my future !!!

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