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Brandia Cockers is a small breeding kennel just outside of Tofield, Alberta. We have one
breeding Sire, and 5 Dams. It is our belief that "Small" is "Better".
It means that our breeding program is well controlled, with an aim toward providing both
Show & Pet Quality Dogs with Excellent Temperments and Health.
We offer a 2 year Health Guarantee on all of our Puppies.
The parents are all Champions, and their Hips and Eyes are Certified.

Why Cockers, might you ask?
All the while my daughters were growing up, and everytime we brought a new Canine
Campanion into our home, my husband would always want a large dog.
One that he could train to go hunting with him...
All the while, I kept saying, "Honey, ya know, all the kids want is a "Dustmop".
Well, in June of 2000, (after the kids were grown),
he finally heard my sweet and gentle voice...
and we brought "Monique" (Desunique's Just Dancing") into our home.
That was it. Jim was in love for the second time in his life
(I, ofcourse, was the first time)
It has been American Cocker Spaniels ever since. We just fell in love with the breed !

God Bless,
Sharon Smythe